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Our Guarantee

The baby birds we raise are in excellent health and are free of disease.  We do not take our babies to birdmarts or birdfairs.  Country Birds Aviary will not take responsibility for any diseases to which your bird might be exposed after the Buyer receives the bird.  For this reason the Buyer has three (3) days after receiving the bird to have it examined by a Certified Avian Vet, at the Buyer's option and expense.  Country Birds Aviary is not liable for any vet fees.  Should there be a health problem diagnosed that can not be cured or is life-threatening to the bird, we will, at our sole discretion, either replace the bird with one of the same kind, or refund your money.  We do reserve the right to get a second opinion at our expense (except for re-shipping).  Birds are not returnable, except under these conditions set forth in this health guarantee.  Any purchase of any of our birds indicates your full acceptance of this guarantee.

Again, we do NOT take our babies to public birdfairs or birdmarts, nor do we use outside handfeeders.  Therefore, our babies are NEVER exposed to birds from other facilities.

We clean and disinfect out aviaries with professional-grade avian cleaners.


We care very much about our birds.  They become part of our family, before they become part of yours.